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Adapt your tyre in seconds
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reTyre Traction

Every active wheelchair user wants the least amount of low rolling resistance indoors, and on dry and hard terrain. Therefore most tyres are slim, with little to no tread pattern. This makes it challenging for users on slippery and loose terrain.

With reTyre Traction, you can adapt your tyre in seconds, and experience superb traction on snow, ice, mud, and gravel!

Grip and safety in an instant

  • Change your tyre attributes in 30 seconds.
  • Don’t take the weather conditions with you indoors – just take off the Traction Skin at your doorstep.
  • Provides additional puncture protection.
  • Foldable and easy to carry in a backpack.

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Grip and safety in seconds

reTyre Traction is a detachable tyre tread (SkinTM ) that let’s you
instantly change your tyre attributes

Keep the dirt outside

Don’t take the weather conditions with you indoors – just take off the Traction Skin at your doorstep.

Puncture protection

The Traction Skin ads a high-quality rubber layer which gives additional puncture protection.

On-the-go system

Traction Skin are foldable and easy to carry in a backpack.

30-seconds installation

Fasten start

Align with tyre

Roll over

Fasten end

reTyre Traction

A detachable tyre which ensures superb traction on snow, ice, mud and dirt. Experience the ultimate freedom, travel safely anytime, anywhere.

Tread designed for traction

The tread pattern is designed specifically for wheelchair use. It is optimized for fore-aft traction (propulsion and braking), and tall knobs with sipes provide optimal traction on ice, snow, wet and slippery terrain.

Velcro fastening

Our fastening system assures easy and fast mounting, so you can adapt your tyres for difficult road conditions in 30 seconds

Exceptional Rubber

Get optimal grip on slippery roads with our Natural NXTW+ rubber compound, produced with high-quality additives.

Hand-friendly design

The sidewalls and placement of knobs were carefully designed to for a hand-friendly experience.

Wheelchair brake compatible

We took special care to make sure you can use your brakes with Traction.

reTyre Traction

Ready – Set – Traction

Join the modular revolution and improve your riding experience.