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For a greener world

At reTyre we care deeply for the protection of the environment and do our best to contribute through focusing on establishing sustainable manufacturing and operating procedures. reTyre directly addresses one of the largest global challenges, sustainable urban transportation, and contributes to these efforts by facilitating biking, reducing rubber consumption and improving mobility for multiple segments.

The ultimate goal – recyclable tyres

The modular technology does not only allow for easier use of your vehicle year-round, it also represent new possibilities in what type of materials can be used in tyres and what manufacturing processes can be implemented. Our ultimate goal is to make fully recyclable skins and implement reverse vending so that you can deliver your old Skin for a discount on the new one. This is only achievable through the fact that we produce our tyre treads (reTyre Skins™) separately from the base tyre which gives us a unique opportunity to implement game-changing materials.

How modularity makes a difference

Traditional tyres consume an unsustainable amount of rubber in the industry, which is very unfortunate for the environment. Huge amounts of tyres are thrown away when the tread pattern is worn out, as the tread of the tyre is what gives the vehicle grip and functionality. Considering the percentage of the rubber that makes up a tread, discarding the whole tyre is an unnecessary waste of rubber. Nevertheless, there are still sold over 520 million tyres worldwide for bicycles alone. Rubber is a fresh commodity and our modular system allows you to store treads (skins) correctly and separately from the tyre, giving longer product life time. When worn out, you can only change the skin, not the whole tyre, which saves rubber.

Making cycling easier is a proven and effective way to contribute to greener transportation. reTyre represent a disruptive innovation, and through a successful commercial launch have been proven to be economically and industrially feasible, and beneficial for the user.