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Awarded grants

EU Horizon 2020

Co-funded by the H2020 programme of the European Union.

reTyre’s modular tyre grand plan which aims to make the future reTyre Skins™ even more sustainable for the environment has received funds from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

H2020 is at present EU’s biggest research and innovation programme and, in seven years (2014 to 2020), has had nearly €80 billion in funding available. One of the goals is to help great ideas reach their breakthrough.

reTyre’s EU-funded research-project was initiated in October 2018 and will altogether proceed for 16 months. Project costs are estimated to approximately 10,4 MNOK. H2020 covers 7,2 MNOK.


reTyre’s upcoming research and development project of four years has been granted 13,2 MNOK in funding from The Research Council of Norway’s user-driven research-based innovation programme (BIA).

BIA is one of the council’s largest programmes and through the yearly application process it selects the very best research-based innovation projects in the industry.

With a focus on developing the modular tyre system, reTyre’s is collaborating with SINTEF. The BIA-funded project is estimated to cost approximately 22 MNOK, RCN will cover 8,8 MNOK, and SkatteFUNN 4,4 MNOK. A date for the start of the project is being decided.


The European Union and The Research Council of Norway have granted funding for another project which strengthens reTyre’s commitment to developing the patented zip-on technology.

The MANUNET-project is a collaboration with SINTEF and Romanian company ICPE who are working towards the project with respectively 0,5 MNOK and 2 MNOK outside reTyre’s budget. The ultimate goal is to achieve automated tyre manufacturing.

Initiated in February 2019, MANUNET will be a project-period of 24 months. Costs are estimated to approximately 8,2 MNOK, EU covers 3,3 MNOK and SkatteFUNN 1,6 MNOK.