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reTyre was voted the best bike tyre second year in a row!

Bike Today Awards 2019

Best Bike Tire

For the second year in a row reTyre has won the Readers’ Choice Award for the Best Bike Tyre! We are also very pleased that readers see us as one of the most innovative companies in the bike industry, as we’ve been voted second best Company in the general category of the same competition!

The popular cycling news website’s competition covers the best innovations and products in the bike industry, and as a young start-up company, we are especially proud to have won it! Sending out a massive thank you to everyone who voted – your enthusiasm for our zip-on system is incredible!

The award-winning product:

reTyre’s zip-on system allows cyclists to easily change their tire to match the terrain. Let’s say you are out riding your bike and the weather conditions change unexpectedly (in Norway for instance, snow can greet us at the most unwelcome times). The base tyre of the system, reTyre One, is a fast-rolling road tyre that comes with a reinforced zipper. You use it for your daily commute and city rides.

Then, when road or weather conditions change, all you need to do is zip on one of reTyre’s skins, best suited for the new conditions. It is quick, easy and done in less than 60 seconds! We can assure reTyre Skins have been thoroughly put to the test. Now, more than 8.000 units have been sold and tested on bike trails around the world.

This includes pure asphalt, off-road as well as ice and snow. Want to read more about the award? Go to the “ Awards 2019” section.