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reTyre awarded Two Seals Of Excellence

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Seals of Excellence

reTyre has been awarded two Seals of Excellence from the European Commission. EU Commission Seal serves as a quality label that judges projects as worth funding and investing in.

Full reTyre System

Throughout the years, reTyre’s modular system has proven to be a trusted and beneficial concept. It is a more sustainable way to manufacture tires and provides a better user experience year-round for cyclists. The patented technology is not singularly beneficial for bikers though, it will improve mobility for wheelchair uses and increase security for scooter and motorcycle users.

reTyre’s awarded plan is to develop the system further by bringing it to wheelchairs, strollers, scooters and motorcycles in the future, with actions of launching a full reTyre system line for manual wheelchairs (extendable to fit electric wheelchairs) already in place.

reTyre One