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The world’s most sustainable tyre brand

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Who are reTyre?

Tyre Innovators

After more than eight years experience with innovative tyre solutions, reTyre now aims to produce the most sustainable tyre in history – by all measures. By use of new materials, more energy efficient and precise manufacturing and local production reTyre is able to reduce GHG emission and produce 100% reusable tyres. 

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Sustainability Goals

reTyre has prioritised these six sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These priorities are based on how we as a company can contribute to solving the global challenges.

Our goals

Sustainable Material

reTyre has patented a new manufacturing method for pneumatic tyres allowing the use of new materials previously unavailable to the industry.

Material Reduction

Our innovative approach to tyre manufacturing has resulted in products that can reduce the amount of material used by 40 %.

Circular Economy

reTyre utilize materials and methods that allow for complete repurposing of worn tyres into new tyres and will collaborate with all it’s partners in the effort to create a circular economy.

Leading developer of modular tyre systems

Reducing material usage by up to 40%